Scout Summer 2022 Program

The summer program is now avaliable to view and download on the program page of the website.

Please click the below link for direct access to the program page.

We will be a the hut this Monday completing the first part of the Navigation Badge.

Please also note Summer term subs are now due, unfortunatley due to the increas in costs and capitation we are having to raise the subs by £5 per term to £40/term.

We will also be publising more data with regard to summer camp over the next week as per the previous Summer camp 2022 blog, Summer camp will run from Thursday 11th August till Monday 15th August. This year Summer camp will be held at Great Tower Scout Campsite. We will be aiming to keep the cost of camp around the £200 mark this will depend slightly on the numbers attending. The cost will include all transport, food, and Activities. Please look out of the the blog in the next couple of weeks which will have complete Summer Camp details.