Activation 2019

For those of you who have booked on to Activation this year, please find below a link to the information below and link to info PDF. HSLT


Activation 2019 Information for Parents/Carers and Participants


Your child should arrive no earlier than 7.45 am – Please note that no children will be accepted after 8.15am.

There is no vehicular access to our site (please contact us if you need assistance due to a disability).

Please proceed as if you are going to the Carsington Water Visitor Centre and follow the signs to our drop-off zone. Children should be left with our staff who will walk them up to the site. Severn Trent Water have kindly supported us again by giving you up to 10 minutes parking for free in the morning. You may choose to spend the whole day at Carsington Water, enjoying their wide range of activities, please make sure you pay parking though!

Please visit their website for more information.

Collection is from the same point at approximately 5.15pm. Please do not collect your child until they have entered the collection enclosure which is clearly marked. It is your responsibility to ensure your child is aware who is picking them up.

No parents/carers will be allowed on our main site, we have over 200 staff and the infrastructure (car parking, toilets etc) cannot cope with more adults on-site.

If you are considering making a weekend of it, there are a couple of camp-sites nearby:

• Opposite Activation is Uppertown Farm campsite(website under construction)

• A short walk away is Knockerdown Pub and Campsite

• The Pudding Club is just up the road –

If you do camp nearby, you must still drop off and pick up as per the instructions above.


Children who have Asthma MUST have an Inhaler with them, clearly labelled with their name.

Due to the environment, we feel it is advisable that anyone with Hayfever should have medication before they come. Any other medicines (including extra Hay Fever medication) you require administering during the day should be advised in advance by email to Children should not carry pain relief medicine with them without our knowledge.


The young people will have chance to try 4 Activities over the course of the day. They will learn what these are at the Registration Desk on the main site. We have a large number of Activities on offer, but specific numbers allowed at each session. We use the children’s preferences to plan who is doing what. It is not possible to change these on the day or to exclude a particular activity without a valid reason (ie a child scared of heights would not be expected to do Rock Climbing), you specified these exceptions when booking. We cannot match children with their friends or group, part of the ethos of the day is to meet other Scouts from across the County.


Children will be transported to some activities by mini-bus.


Children should wear suitable clothing for doing outdoor activities (no jeans please) – they do not need to wear their uniform. They should arrive wearing walking boots and bring a waterproof coat. Sandals are not suitable, whatever the weather! A watch should be worn so they can get to their activities on time. Long hair should be tied back. We strongly recommend that they do not bring electronic devices including phones as they are very likely to get wet or damaged. A kit list is below. Crop tops are not suitable wear for Activation due to the nature of the activities. Please ensure your child has a couple of spare sets of clothes, these are particularly important. This should include at least one long sleeved top and long trousers regardless of the weather.


The children should bring a packed lunch and plenty to drink. They will need more food than usual due to their level of activity on the day. This may be best divided into 3, one for each break – if not they tend to eat their lunch at 10am! Please bear in mind that we have several children on site with severe nut, kiwi and shellfish allergies so please avoid these (including Chocolate Hazelnut spread and Peanut butter).


Children will get a cloth Activation Badge at the end of the day during their last activity. If they lose them, we cannot replace them free of charge. We have badges from 2013, 2014, 2016, 2017 & 2018 available to buy during breaks and lunch from the main marquee at £1 each.

Changes to Medical Information

A change in your child’s circumstances may mean we have to alter their activities. For example, a head injury in the week beforehand may mean they cannot wear a helmet. Please email us urgently if anything like this happens. This could save them missing out on the day due to a delay finding a replacement activity.


If your child can no longer attend Activation, it is essential that you let us know We will have full email access until the end of Thursday 4th July, after then it will be intermittent. IT IS NOT POSSIBLE TO ISSUE REFUNDS OR SWAP

CHILDREN. From Friday 5th July you can text us on 07912070030.

We will not be taking or making calls on this number and it will not be active until 8am on the day before the event.

Kit List

Please ensure your child brings the following. If any of these items are missing, we may have to send your child home for their own safety.

Their kit should be packed in a rucksack which they must keep with them all day. Please ensure their name is in everything!

Waterproof Coat


Small towel

2 x Complete changes of clothes (including socks)

Medication – clearly labelled (if required) Suncream

Many thanks

Packed Lunch Additional Drinks Sunhat

£2 for Ice Cream (optional)

Water Bottle (refills available)

Wellies (useful if Caving in top 7 activities)

Activation Team –